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Welcome to TH Logistics Inc.
By land, by air or sea…Delivering your goods is our only job!
Service is our top priority; calling us should be yours!

Independent Landstar Canada agency TH Logistics Inc. is uniquely equipped to handle all of your specialized hauling needs. Our unparalleled commitment to safety makes us the obvious choice when it comes to super heavy or oversized freight.

Our vast array of specialized equipment includes flatbeds, stepdecks, double drops, extendables, multi axles, steerables, lowboys with 40-80 ton capacity, RGN units, Schnabels, beam, perimeter and blade trailers. We can mix and match, creating equipment combinations to meet your hauling needs!

And, our technology matches our heavy haul trucks and equipment with your heavy haul freight for safe, responsive and customized service.

When comparing heavy haul carriers, remember, there’s more to successful specialized hauling than just oversize and overweight permits – the difference is in the details. TH Logistics has the expertise and access to everything needed to set specialized transport solutions in motion for you.

For the most comprehensive specialized and heavy haul transport available, contact TH Logistics today at 613-395-1888 or email dispatch@thlogistics.ca.

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